Professor Struzak has gained international recognition and was elected to leadership positions.  The ITU Plenipotentiary Conference elected him to the Radio Regulations Board (RRB) at its Kyoto session in 1995, and re-elected at Minneapolis session in 1999 (the RRB role is defined in the ITU basic texts). During the second term, he was elected the RRB Vice-Chair.  The ITU Radiocommunication Assembly, Istanbul 2000, elected him Vice-Chair of its Committee V.  The URSI General Assembly elected him as the Vice-Chairman of Commission E, and later (Lille, 1996) as the Co-Chairman of its Working Group on Spectrum Management/ Utilization and Wireless Telecommunications.  The assembly elected him also to three URSI Standing Committees: on Telecommunications, on Developing Countries, and on Young Scientists.  The next General Assembly, (Toronto, 1999) re-elected him for the second term.

Earlier, concurrently to his other duties, Ryszard Struzak was elected to serve as the Chairman of international CCIR Interim Working Party on ISM Equipment and the Vice-Chairman of the CCIR Study Group 1 on Spectrum Management and Monitoring and was re-elected for consecutive terms (from 1972 to 1985).  He served as the Co-Chairman of the URSI Working Group on Spectrum Management/ Utilization and Wireless Telecommunications.  He was invited to the Steering Committee of International Special Committee on Radio Interference (CISPR) of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).  When with the ITU, he withdraw from official functions in other organizations to avoid potential conflict of interests, except for the ACEC – Advisory Committee on Electromagnetic Compatibility, where he served as the CCIR representative.  Previously, he contributed to major international standardization projects on international standards on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) common for all countries of the former Soviet Block.  These projects were led by the Intergovernmental Organization for Cooperation in Telecommunications and the COMECON International Institute for Standardization in Moscow.

When in Poland, Professor Struzak was elected to Chair the Technical Council of the Union of Radio and Television Broadcasters (1981-1982); to Chair the Electromagnetic Compatibility Subcommittee of the Committee of Electronics and Telecommunications of the Polish Academy of Sciences (1975-1985); to Chair the National CCIR Study Group 1 (1972-85), and to Chair the National CISPR Committee on Measurements and Statistical Methods (1972-85).  From 1971 till 1985, he was Vice-Chairman of the National Standards Commission on radio frequency interference and electromagnetic compatibility.  He co-founded the International Wroclaw EMC Symposium, the first regular EMC symposium in Europe, taking various responsibilities during the years 1972 -2006, including those of the Symposium Chairman, Chairman of the Scientific Program Committee, Chairman of the Symposium Council, and Honorary Chairman of the Scientific Program Committee recently.