Ryszard Struzak, PhD, DSci

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Life Fellow IEEE

Academician, International Telecommunications Academy


Full Professor, National Institute for Telecommunications, Wroclaw, Poland

Co-Director, School Series on Wireless Networking, ICTP, Trieste, Italy


Former employment

Acting Assistant Director & Head, Technical Department B, CCIR Geneva, Switzerland

Full Professor, University of Information Technology and Management at Rzeszow, Poland

Professor, Institute of Electrical Metrology, University of Technology at Wroclaw, Poland

Professor & Head, National Institute of Telecommunications, Wroclaw Branch, Poland

Consultant,  ITU UN-OCHAWB,  IUCAFPWC, etc...

Editor-in-Chief, Global Communications, London, U.K.


Former elected positions in international organizations

V-Chair, Radio Regulations Board, ITU, Geneva, Switzerland

Co-Chair, WG on Radio Spectrum Utilization & Management URSI, Brussels, Belgium

V-Chair, SG1 on Spectrum Management & Monitoring, CCIR Geneva, Switzerland  

Chair, CCIR IWP on ISM Equipment Radiation, CCIR Geneva, Switzerland

Co-Founder & Chair, International EMC Symposium, Wroclaw, Poland

Member, Steering Committee, CISPR, Geneva, Switzerland


Current interests: lecturing & consultancy services in radio science and engineering:

  • radio frequency spectrum resources: policy, management, monitoring, usage, regulations

  • radio networks: coexistence, electromagnetic compatibility, radio interference

  • ICT & telecommunications for development; rural

  • emergency telecommunications

  • new technologies

 +) pronounce: 'Richard Stroozakh'


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